SunBear Gallery, 4 Lorne Street, Edinburgh EH6 (Private View: 24 September 2010. Gallery hours: Thursday – Sunday 14.00-18.00)

SunBear Gallery, an independent artist-run space, presents a group exhibition of painting and drawing in relation to the late works of Philip Guston. Featured artists: Phil Ashcroft, G. Lansard, Ash Reid, Matt Swan

Musa Guston Mayer quotes her father in her Night Studio: “As a boy I would hide in the closet when the older brothers and sisters came with their families to mama’s apartment for the Sunday afternoon dinner visit. I felt safe. Hearing their talk about illnesses, marriages, the problems of making a living, I felt my remoteness in the closet with the single light bulb. I read and drew in this private box. Some Sundays I even painted. I had given my dear Mama passionate instructions to lie…. ‘Where is Philip?’ I could hear them…. ‘Oh, he is away, with friends’….I was happy in my sanctuary.”

SunBear Gallery presents a group exhibition of works either directly or in-directly influenced by Philip Guston. In the late 1960s, Guston became frustrated with abstraction and began painting representationally again, but in a rather cartoonish manner. Much of his work from this period received scathing reviews. Intensely personal yet universally relevant, his work gradually became sought after, championed within his own lifetime, and growing in stature and influence since his death.

Guston’s return to cartoon styled realism was influenced by his childhood love of comics, in turn his work has become an influence for many contemporary painters and illustrators proving it to be highly relevant and current. This is a selected exhibition, it is felt that all the works included have a relation to the late works of Guston regardless of whether the artist claims them as an influence. This exhibition is not intended as a survey, these artists are some of many. Neither is it an attempt to show these artists as the practitioners most closely relating to Guston’s late works in style.


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